The aim of this project is to live beyond the scope of the case of Rhyl. We have decided to open source it so that it can be applied to various developments and communities.

Feel free to download the brick mould Rhino file for CNC. You can adjust the dimensions according to your project's needs. Make sure to accommodate for 1-1.5cm shrinkage during the firing process.

You can also download the SIBC Policy Report which contains valuable information about the mission, research as well as guidelines on how to set-up and run a brick making workshop. You can also read more about that below.

What's in the box

Terracotta Grogged Marl or Crank

Wooden Mould customised with your City/Town name

Rubber Bands
Bands to hold the mould walls together

Letterpress Stamps
Alphabet stamps for customising the wet clay

Workshop Set-up

1 Workshop leader organises logistics such as location, participant call and selection.

10-20 participants non-homogenous cross-section of population (i.e. varying ages, genders, ethnicities, careers, extracurriculars, etc.)

10 moulds People can share if more than 10 people present Letter Stamps for customising

Template/sample brick for example/guidelines

5 Printed sheets listing guidelines/instructions

Step by Step Pocess

Please note that this process is a general guideline to reference, however, the details (times, contacts, etc) will greatly depend on your own location. The key is to be flexible and work with the timeline and participation you are presented with.

1. Contact

Contact the building project Lead Officer to brief them on project as well as get all contacts needed (i.e. designers, engagement officer, etc.). Approve design guidelines with the appropriate contact (allow 1 week).

2. Outreach

Gather people for the workshops (allow 2 weeks).

3. Workshop(s) (scroll down for more info)

Conduct to make bricks and gather input. [1.5-2 hours (15 min intro/explanation, 30 min brainstorming, 15 min demo, 30–60 min brickmaking & chatting/brainstorming) 1 or 2 different days depending on availability of sample group] Make sure to document (photos, video, sound).

4. Dry Bricks

Set bricks up to dry in a safe space [allow 3 weeks (bricks are dry when they are no longer cold)].

5. Confirm

Confirm design approval with contacts (send photos).

6. Fire

Fire bricks when dry (allow 2 days).

7. Deliver

Deliver bricks to construction manager.

8. Document

Don’t forget to document installation/final outcome!